About Us

Coin Max Invest Limited is a registered crypto trading investment company. We are officially registered under the Company House Royal registrar and the United Kingdom registrar of companies.

A conglomerate of distinguished companies and experts in crypto market analysis, cryptocurrency investors, banking personnel, adept analysts on stock bond with specialty in future stock predictions, gold, crypto exchange, silver, oil and real estate with vast experience and skill, inter-partnered for collective ambition, company growth, economic stimulation and common goals.

Utilizing exceptional knowledge and near accurate mathematical expert predications, we believe in collective investments and partnership. Superior investments performances are achieved through flexibility, knowledge, experience and adaptability to tidal changes in the business ocean.

Our consortium is a precisely built company that is gunned towards the niche of cryptocurrency investments and stock bond, a vast network of functional systems spanning around the globe spun around a common core interconnected and wired for maximum efficiency and consistent breakthroughs.

By our adoption of cutting edge and innovative technological might available, we are confident in the high rate of efficiency expectations and investment value returns for investors, partners and affiliates.

The idea and our aim for a collective investment and affiliate program is very simple: Every business needs starting capital to go through bureaucratic formalities, rent premises, purchase equipment and other assets, hire employees and several other essential protocols.

As a rule, start-ups don’t have sufficient funds to stimulate every necessary project they need for effective activity. Banks are quite prudent to "beginners" so it is often very difficult to borrow as much as necessary from banks.

We are always working round the clock to provide a very secure, safe and efficient investment platform necessary for full investment, affiliate and partnership returns. Our staff are always pushing towards maintaining our esteemed reputation as one of the best investment and partnership companies In cryptocurrency.

We are open to direct partnership and affiliate programs with our head office located Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

We offer a vast arrays of choices spanning from direct partnership, investment, affiliate, agency to online partnership, investment and affiliate programs in a secure and transparent ground that is both engaging and easily rendered by our investors, affiliates and partners.


Coin Max Invest Limited is committed to give an opportunity to as many investors as possible to invest their money in Crypto Currency trading. Our main task is to simplify both the trading and the process of getting profits.

Our dedicated team of professionals operates to make your crypto investments successful with high profits. All our investors are entitled to a personal account manager, which is based on our attentive treatment of traders, large variety of assets, large amount of educational materials and a high-quality support.


Coin Max Invest limited is the official registered trade mark of CA Limited, who are authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority under firm reference number 12145667.